fun with candles

Candle Making Tips & Tricks






- Putting a completely cooled down candle in the fridge for a few minutes will harden the wax and they will burn longer. But not too long otherwise your candle might crack

- When re heating wax when it's still in your pot, always add a few holes to the wax otherwise it might blow and you will have wax everywhere except in the pot

- Never add a lid to a pot of hot wax as it will form vapour and the water will run into your wax and cause splattering the next time you heat the wax

- Always make sure the wick size is the right size for the size of the candle you are making

- If your wick is too small it will only burn down the middle

- If your wick is too large the candle will burn with a large flame and smoke

- Wrap the top of your wick around a sosatie stick when making a container candle to keep your wick straight in the middle of your candle

- Never leave heated wax unattended

- If your wax does catch fire never use water. Switch off the heat source and smother the flames with a wet cloth

- Keep the candle wick trimmed, sometimes the candle wick becomes too long and the candle begins to smoke. You can trim the wick with scissors while the candle is still burning

- Use aluminium tape to tape up your mould and seal the wick, this will prevent any leaking

- Never heat any type of wax in a microwave

- Any candle wax can be re melted and used again

- Adding a small amount of steric acid to your wax will make it a whiter and longer burning candle

Conquering Bubbles In Gel Candles

Bubbles are caused by one of three things:

 1. The heating temperature of the wax
 2. The reaction between gel and items in your candle
 3. Pouring of the gel

When pouring a gel candle, the higher the temperature the less bubbles you will have

Adding Fragrance And Colour To Your Candle

When using powder candle dye keep in mind that it is very concentrated so you only use a little at a time. If the powder dye does not dissolve nicely it means your wax was not hot enough

When adding fragrance to your candle, only add it once your wax has reached the right temperature and is ready to be poured into the mould. If you add it too soon before the time it will evaporate

Topping Up Of Candle

When wax cools down it contracts and sinks. Once a thick skin has formed top up your candle. Using a knitting needle prod the candle making sure there are no air bubbles, you might have to do this a few times


Flaky candle









- Readymade candle
- Flaky mix

Melt a small amount of flaky mix over a low heat add colour and pour over your readymade candle and let it run down the sides. Allow to cool

Sand Candle

- Readymade candle
- Play pen sand
- Candle Modge Podge

Paint a layer of candle modge podge onto candle, then dip into sand, allow to dry, and repeat a few times












 When making a himalayan salt candle you would need the following


- Ready made candle

- Himalayan salt

- Candle modge podge


Paint a thick layer of modge podge over the candle and roll the candle in the salt. Allow to dry completely. Repeat 3 times.


Layered Candle















A layered sand candle is very easy to make. We sell the coloured sand wax in 200g bags. Simply add your wick to your sustainer and pour your coloured sand wax at different angels to create different patterns