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Soft Wax­

This is a new wax we have begun producing. It can only be used in a container due to it being a very soft wax. This wax carries a fragrance really well so your home and will have a constant aroma

Candle Wax

This is a Sasol Paraffin wax and comes in a 5kg slab. This is stunning to use when making any candles. Personally its my favorite wax to use at the moment. It is an opaque looking wax but can been made white by just adding a tablespoon of steric acid

Micro Slab

Micro wax is a more softer, pliable wax and used for making carved candles. This is an additive that you would add to the wax

Gel Wax

The gel is made up of a combination of a gelling agent and a processed mineral oil. Gel wax is used in containers or glasses as its a clear wax. With the gel wax the longer you heat the wax the less bubbles there will be. With this type of candle you can get really creative and add your own colour, fragrance and decorations. This is available in a 5 litre bucket

Beeswax Pebbles

This wax comes in pebble form so you just place the wick in the container and pour your pebbles in. Maybe add a drop or two of fragrance if you like and light your candle. These beeswax pebbles can also be used in thickening of body lotions. We sell it in 200g bags

Steric Acid

Steric acid which is also known as "sterin" is a additive which is used to harden and whiten wax. The harder the wax the longer it will burn and in the warmer months the candle will retain its shape better. We sell this in 500g bags. Steric Acid can also be used in body lotions


When making candles the temperature of the wax is so important. It needs to be between 70 and 75 degrees maximum. Should it be below 70 degrees the candle will develop small lines and if above 75 degrees it will melt your mould.Therefore a thermometer is a must

Aluminium Tape

One product you would never be able to work without when making candles. Aluminum tape has a sticky side which you would use to seal up the mould. No matter  whether you are a beginner or expert in candle making you will always get the one mould that leaks.....By using the aluminium tape you will prevent that horrible leaking. Aluminium tape is availible in a 10m roll75 degrees it will melt your mould

Releasing spray

Spray this into your mould before pouring the wax. It assists in the easy release from the mould

Powder colour dye

Powder colour dyes are extremely concentrated so you require a minimum amount to colour your wax. The following colours are availiblek: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, pink, violet, brown and orange


A sustainer is the metal base you would attach to your wick when making container candles. These are in packs of 50 or 100


When making candles the wick size is very important. Thin, medium, thick and metal core wick are availible. For candles with a diameter of 0-5cm you would use thin wick, From 6-9cm diameter you would use a medium wick. Anything bigger than that you would use a thick wick

Candle Frosting

We have 3 different colours in the candle frosting: Silver, gold and white. The frosting is simply melted over a low heat and poured over your ready made candle just to give it a different effect

Candle Fragrances

A wide variety of candle fragrances are availible that can be used in your candle wax. Please refer to our online shop for the listings of names and prices

Candle Moulds

We have 3 different types of moulds we sell plastic, aluminium and silicon moulds

Candle Spray Paint

This is a spray paint that is especially formulated for candles. We have a variety of colours. Please refer to our online shop to view the colours

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