fun with candles

How to make a basic candle


Basic candle

Making a gel candle

It's fairly easy to make your own candle. You would need a few basic ingredients and tools. Simply follow the guide lines and you will be a pro before you know it

You will need the following:

- Candle Wax
- Mould
- Thermometer
- Wick

1. Using an old pot preferably one with a spout. Heat your wax on a low heat

2. Prepare your mould placing the wick in place. You can always use aluminium tape to tape up the sides to prevent leaking

3. Once your wax has reached 75 degrees, take the wax off the stove and pour your candle. If the wax is too hot it will melt your mould and if the wax is too cold you may battle getting the candle out of the mould. So it is safer to stick to 75 degrees

4. Some candles may require topping up. While the wax cools down, it contracts and the wax sinks

5. Wait until a thick skin has formed on the top of the wax and then pierce it with a needle

6. Make sure you prod the surface properly or you might be left with holes in your finished candle. Pour some more wax into the mould. When topping up the candle stick to 60 degrees but be careful that the wax is not too hot because it may then crack the candle and if it is too cold it will not adhere to the candle

7. You may have to top up more than once before the surface is flat

8. The candle must then be left until completely cold before removing it from the mould. This varies from a few hours to overnight depending on the size of candle

When making a gel candle you will need the following:

- Empty container
- Gel Wax
- Wick and sustainer

1. Clean and dry your container very well before using

2. Place the wick and sustainer to the bottom of the container using a tiny piece of "presstick"

3. Please remember that the gel wax is like any other wax, flammable so keep your eye on it

4. Once the gel is liquid it is then ready to be poured into your container

5. Make sure the wick is secure in the middle of the container using a sosatie stick across the top of the container

To make a massage soy wax candle you would need the following:

- A container
- Our soy massage wax
- Wick and sustainer
- Essential oil or fragrance

The massage wax is already blended with the moisturing oils.

1. Place the wick and sustainer in container

2. Melt massage wax over a low heat, add essential oil or fragrance and pour your candle

3. Once the candle has set, light the candle and use the oil as a massage oil or hand and body lotion

Making a soy massage candle

Making a carved candle

What you would need to make a carved candle, a star shaped candle or to start a normal dinner candle:

- Normal paraffin wax

- 5% Micro soft wax

- Pigment colour


1. Have a star shaped candle ready made or a normal dinner candle


2. Simply heat up your wax


3. Add 5% of micro wax to your normal wax


4. Add your colour pigment and stir well


5. Then start dipping once in your wax then in cold water


6. Dry off the water and then dip again and so you repeat in the wax in the water


7. Once you are happy with your candle start carving and twisting


8. Have a look on You tube for some great ideas


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